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Sunday, November 2, 2008

BAH!! Screw it!

When I submit a dirty drawing that took me at MOST ten minutes to draw and a drawing that I put my HEART into making every detail unique, then after two weeks my dirty drawing gets 202 views and 20 faves against the other drawing's 17 views...I feel like no one cares that I put a part of me into it...>_> I hate making dirty drawings...

I'm not submitting any more art ANYWHERE that I make unless it's either:
Art Trade (Well...I DO have heroes in the Art World)
Tegaki (>_> I'm not even sure about this one)
Commission (watch no one want a commission from me and I become this AMAZING professional artist and no one knows about it)

That is all.

Fare however world of Art...
Marine Biology, you now have all of me!

I'm gonna submit ONE more drawings, and it's gonna be this "GOODBYE AND F*CK YOU ALL!!" drawing. ^^

If I'm goin' out...it's with a BANG!!!

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