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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Er...yeah...what the title says. ^^;

I've only got an oC...but this awesomesauce oC is with the Astounding Sphinx, again. ^^
*licks Sphinx's belly*
And I'm gonna make a character for his Hippy-Verse...I hope he comes up with a name for it!

OH! And up there, I am gonna be advertising 5 new Tegaki entries per week (mine or otherwise)...I'm TAKING THEM ALL DOWN each week and REPLACING them with 5 new ones...unless someone wants me to keep them up...

But of course, no one will comment, no one will see them, and great art will be missed. :/ Oh well...

I've been cybering with a friend...and he's the reason for my title...I even drew pr0n of it...>_> Which I'll post...but...you have to LOOK for it! 'Cause it won't be on any of my gallery accounts elsewhere, or here. NOR on Rule 34.

(sorry...^^; hormones and funny viral video song is running through my head)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Chin Killa!

So, I was watchin' one of Steven Sanchez's "sketchin'" vids, and was inspired to do this for the lawls while I was about to go numbah 1.
This is sorta a promo for the awesome guy! Matter of fact, go over to his gallery when you're done :+fav:ing this!
So, I used said video to time how long it took me to draw it, not including all the signature/writing shiz. 4:54! 8D
I used his method of drawing a nose...>_> it was MAINLY to make fun of how some superhero chins are HUUUGE or horrifically drawn, and I am talking about that Superman/DC comics animated movie that came out on Cartoon Network where their chins...DX YUCK!!!
So...I made fun of them...by drawing a really good drawing...>_>
(D8 After reviewing this, I in NO way was dissing Steven's chins! I was talking about the aforementioned movie!)

It came out WAAAYYY better than expected!

I threw in a Santa hat because it's the X-mas season...XD

So here's my Big-Chin Villain. XD I'm a natural rapper, apparently...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

oC remixes! XD

So...I got openCanvas (the kind with the face for the icon) and did a couple of oCs with GODS of art, and let's just say...
*fangirl squeal*
I can't wait until if I get a tablet!
'Kay, well, I'm not doin' "Songs of the Week" anymore, because all of the ones I choose from are in that big ol' playlist up top! XD
I'll try to get them all in the playlist.com thing on the side, just in case the YouTube does that stupid, "The video doesn't exist anymore) or whatever crap. ¬_¬
Sphinx! I wanna rape Darryl! I might just jump on him and ride him till things go SPLAT! SPLOOSH! and I'm sitting in a pile of spoo--8D I almost forgot! I feel THIS close to catching a Nosepass! I can just feel it! XD

XD This first one's with Sphinx! MAN, this dood! XD I can honestly say I was either flush with lust or laughing my perfect ASS off! XD I wanna rape the guy in the top-right corner! lololol

Now Usa...This dood...is a GAWD of art! See that uber detailed piece in the mid-top? Yeah, that took him about 10 minutes! O_O But I rofled a lot with him, too! Too bad he's straight...I wanted to draw some hot maction...lol oh wellz. XD

Monday, December 8, 2008

Respective Perspective

Long time no post!
My friend in Quebec, Canadia unintentionally reminded me that I wanted to restart posting here.
I've been practicing perspective. ^^

Awesome Musics of the Week