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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Chin Killa!

So, I was watchin' one of Steven Sanchez's "sketchin'" vids, and was inspired to do this for the lawls while I was about to go numbah 1.
This is sorta a promo for the awesome guy! Matter of fact, go over to his gallery when you're done :+fav:ing this!
So, I used said video to time how long it took me to draw it, not including all the signature/writing shiz. 4:54! 8D
I used his method of drawing a nose...>_> it was MAINLY to make fun of how some superhero chins are HUUUGE or horrifically drawn, and I am talking about that Superman/DC comics animated movie that came out on Cartoon Network where their chins...DX YUCK!!!
So...I made fun of them...by drawing a really good drawing...>_>
(D8 After reviewing this, I in NO way was dissing Steven's chins! I was talking about the aforementioned movie!)

It came out WAAAYYY better than expected!

I threw in a Santa hat because it's the X-mas season...XD

So here's my Big-Chin Villain. XD I'm a natural rapper, apparently...

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