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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

oC remixes! XD

So...I got openCanvas (the kind with the face for the icon) and did a couple of oCs with GODS of art, and let's just say...
*fangirl squeal*
I can't wait until if I get a tablet!
'Kay, well, I'm not doin' "Songs of the Week" anymore, because all of the ones I choose from are in that big ol' playlist up top! XD
I'll try to get them all in the playlist.com thing on the side, just in case the YouTube does that stupid, "The video doesn't exist anymore) or whatever crap. ¬_¬
Sphinx! I wanna rape Darryl! I might just jump on him and ride him till things go SPLAT! SPLOOSH! and I'm sitting in a pile of spoo--8D I almost forgot! I feel THIS close to catching a Nosepass! I can just feel it! XD

XD This first one's with Sphinx! MAN, this dood! XD I can honestly say I was either flush with lust or laughing my perfect ASS off! XD I wanna rape the guy in the top-right corner! lololol

Now Usa...This dood...is a GAWD of art! See that uber detailed piece in the mid-top? Yeah, that took him about 10 minutes! O_O But I rofled a lot with him, too! Too bad he's straight...I wanted to draw some hot maction...lol oh wellz. XD

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