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Friday, April 10, 2009

The D'Arbys Have My Soul And Money!

Coming all the way from the JJBA universe comes the D'Arby brothers...and Mirashon. I SWEAR, the girl's a D'Arby! She even does the "Good!" that the others do!
I love these three...they're so...psychologically superior to most! Of course, that's a must if you're gonna fight a JoJo or even just be in the series!
Each D'Arby like different methods of gambling, and could probably give Luxord a run for his money! D8
Both the brothers bet souls, and each has their own way of keeping those souls...
Mirashon, however, likes money, as money is everything in the Green Dolphin Jail... >w>
The brothers are by my friend HeartJuice on Tegaki, whilst I did Mirashon. XD

Daniel, he's a cheater, but it's only cheating if you get caught while playing...;) Hope you like living as a poker chip for the rest of your life! XD

Terence, he's a straight shooter, but that doesn't mean he won't get down and dirty in his game. Losing to him means you're gonna be a little doll for him to play with...forever and ever and ever and ever...

Mirashon is a stealthy cheat by not giving information as to what she wants as compensation...she's also a habitual liar. When she collects her debt, she'll take anything of value, whether it's money, a gold tooth...or even your organs!

Awesome Songs of the Day
"Sonic Speed Riders"by Runblebee
"City Escape" by Crush 40
"Live and Learn" by Crush 40

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