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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sorry...School's a B!TCH!!!

I know I haven't been submitting much, lately. It's because of school and really low motivation...T_T

I dunno...I'm at school atm, but I'll post some art...idk what though...>_> Haven't drawn much lately. Guess I'll just draw some boobs on a chic and a penis on a dood.

Ooh! I got me La Pucelle: Tactics again! :D

And I'm doing an art back-and-forth story with a friend. I'm gonna post my pages here, and link 'em to where they are. It'd be pretty hard to understand w/o the other person's pages, so yeah...you're gonna have to look at theirs, too. >_>

I'm inviting for anyone to join! If'n you're interested, COMMENT!!! Seriously...

Well, I'm off...

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