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Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm Hated Now...And I'll Be Hated Even MORE Come Wednesday...

*sigh* so I'm leaving dA and gonna be EXCLUSIVELY here...
All of you who come and visit here, thank you. :3
And relating to the title...
On April Fool's Day...I'm known to do horrible, elaborate, evil, and even sometimes cruel pranks... :D
And I don't give a d@mn!
I've lost friends because they can't take the day of the Jest. And my symbols are the Jester, the Devil, the Monkey, the Snake, and Libra...4/5 are trickster symbols...>_> It CAN'T be a coincidence...I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.
Sorry...only one art of mine today. ^^;
The rest are some of my favorites that I have...
But tomorrow there'll be more for sure! 8D

She's one Tasty Piece of Bitch! She might be Higoku's new love interest~♥ He's always had good luck with the lemurs. ;)

There was this FINE, and I mean FINE gothic lolita BOMBSHELL at the redundantly named Matsuri Festival here.

Beauty and the Beast mandala from the first bit of Kingdom Hearts...Notice who's the only one AWAKE in this...and remember the game if you've played it.

F.F. (Foo Fighters) from JoJo's Bizarre Adventures part 6: Stone Ocean, this is her dying scene...saddest death in JJBA history, imo...

Narciso Annasui and his Stand Diver Down from JoJo's Bizarre Adventures part 6: Stone Ocean

Awesome songs of the Day
"Cinderella" by Sweetbox (it's the group that had Jade who did Yuna's 2 songs from FFX-2)
"Hate That I Love You" by Rihanna

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